Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Updated 02/26/2015

 This privacy policy referenced below is designed to disclose the specific privacy practices for ( The privacy policy of ( only applies to information collected or used by this web site.

You will be notified of the following:

1. The specific personal information collected from you as a result of your use of our web site.

2. How any such personal information will be used and with whom, if any, it will be shared.

3. What options, if any, are available for you to exercise with regard to the use of your personal data.

4. The nature of the security protocols and procedures which our company has put into place for the purposes of protecting any potential misuse of your personal information.

5. How you will be able to modify or correct any errors or inaccuracies in your personal information.

Data Collection, Sharing and Use

( is the sole owner of any personal information collected or entered in the use or access of this website. ( only has access to or the ability collect and store any personal information that is voluntarily provided to us by you.( will not rent or sell any personal information to third party.( will only use your personal information if we are required to respond to an inquiry by you. ( will not share your personal information with any unauthorized third party beyond our Company network, with the exception of the necessity to fulfill contraction obligations consistent with your use of our website and to process any payments or orders as needed.

Unless you, as the registered user, specifically make a request of us not to so otherwise, we may communicate with you via your registered email address as needed to inform you regarding promotions, specials, relevant products, enhanced services or any changes to this Company’s privacy policy.

User’s Access to Personal Information

As the registered user you have the option to prevent any future contact from our company. Such a request can be submitted to our Company through the phone number for customer service or the email address referenced in our Company website. You have the right to know the following information or make the requests noted below:

1. The specific personal information related to your registered user access.
2. Modify any personal information our Company has in our files for your registered access.
3. Delete any personal information in reference to your registered user access.
4. Convey any concerns or questions that you may have regarding the use of any of your personal information in reference to your registered access.


When our Company collects sensitive personal information (such as your credit card information), that data is encrypted, secured and stored in a secured manner. The Company computers and servers which we use to store your personal date are maintained in a secure setting.