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December 7, 2012

£€$ 200 Welcome Bonus

£€$ 1600 Casino Bonus

£€$ 200 for New Players

Crown and Anchor is a very entertaining game that belongs to the scratch card genre. This game offers players a very unique concept as it does not present them the game in its usual form where players buy a ticket and they start scratching. Instead, they place wagers on certain signs and they win according to their bets.

The game’s procedure starts by placing wagers. Players will be able to place their wagers on the left hand side of the screen at the betting area. They will find the chips that they can place wagers with. These chips vary between 1 and 200. Then players will see six squares with symbols on them. These symbols include the 4 suits of a deck of cards (spade, hearts, diamond and clubs) and two other signs, the Crown and the Anchor. Players can place up to two hundred chips per symbol.

After players place their wagers, they can start the game by clicking on the red PLAY button on the right hand side. This will start the game and players will see three different wooden dices being thrown and of course these dice do not have numbers but they have the six symbols that are mentioned above. These wooden dice are thrown on the top of a wooden barrel. According to the symbols that appear, players will be awarded. One match pays 1 to 1, two matches pay 2 to 1 and three matches pay 3 to 1.

The game has many features, for example, it has a Rebet feature that allows you to play with the same bets you placed. It also have a history feature that shows you the last five dice results so you can check the hot symbols and the cold ones. Lastly, players can also choose a number of rolls in advance with fixed bets through the Auto Play feature.