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Offside And Seek

December 7, 2012

£€$ 200 Welcome Bonus

£€$ 1600 Casino Bonus

£€$ 200 for New Players

Offside and Seek is a very exciting and an impressive game that is provided to online casinos courtesy of Microgaming. This game allows players to enjoy two different gaming genres at once. Players who want to test their luck on a game of scratch cards will find what they are looking and players who like to play arcade games will also find what they are looking for. The best thing is that players will be able to play both gaming genres with one ticket and one stake.

Players will start the game by choosing the ticket price, in other words, their wager. They will be able to choose a stake that varies between 0.50 credit and 10 credits per ticket. After deciding on the stake, they will be able to start the game by clicking on the New Card button that is found at the middle of the screen.

The first game can be found at the left hand side, which is the scratch game. Players will see six different cards. Players will then be asked to click on them in order to reveal the icons underneath them. Each icon is the picture of a soccer player. Players can do it manually or they can choose to reveal all. Each player has a multiplier. Players who succeed in getting three identical players will be rewarded according to the multiplier.

The second game is the arcade game and it can be found at the right hand side. Players will be able to reveal the prize that they will get if they win and they can also initiate the game by clicking on the screen. This game allows players to try scoring a goal from a corner kick, if they score, they will be awarded the prize.