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December 7, 2012

£€$ 200 Welcome Bonus

£€$ 1600 Casino Bonus

£€$ 200 for New Players

Do you enjoy Bingo? Do you enjoy spinning the wheel on a table of roulette and watching the numbers spin? Microgaming allows you to enjoy both games in one game through this amazingly unique game, Spingo. Even the name of the game mixes between Bingo and Spinning to form Spingo.

This colorful game is wonderfully designed to attract players’ attention. Players will see a colored roulette wheel in the middle of the screen. This wheel does not have numbers but colors. It has three main colors. These colors are red, yellow and blue. Each color is repeated eight times. There is a fourth color, the green color which exists only once which resembles the 0 and the 00 on roulette wheels. In the middle of this wheel there is a bingo machine that has bingo balls with numbers on them. These numbers vary between one and ten.

Underneath the wheel players will see the wagering area. Players can place various bets as the game has many wagering options. Players can bet on the color only, they can bet on the number and color, they can bet on the number being odd or even and first half (1-5) or second half (6-10).

Players will have to place their stakes before they start the game. They can do that by choosing a chip size at the bottom left side. After they set their wager, they will click on the spin button in the middle. This will imitate the spin and the bingo machine will pump out a bingo ball with a number on it.
There are many features available at the game. Players can choose to play with same bets through the rebet feature and they can choose to play a number of spins with the same bets through the Auto Play feature.