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Why are Vegas vacations considered as the best vacations in world? Simply because there is no second Las Vegas on the earth! This entertainment capital is awake 24×7 that none visiting there would ever run out of ideas as to what to do in this great city. From casinos, shows, and city tours to museums, space flight simulation, Gondola ride, or a visit to the strip, there is plenty one has to see and experience in this dream city. Not to mention the thrilling nightlife that is unmatched anywhere in the world..

Enjoy the great performances from legendary stars and best of Broadway, in one place. Pick the Vegas shows you want to watch, whether it is theater performances, songs, comedy shows, magic, or the good old ones; choices are simply aplenty. If you are there in the middle of the tourist season, ensure that you have your tickets booked in advance.

Restaurants for all budgets; this is what tourist guides say about Vegas restaurants. These restaurants offer enough choices to satiate your gourmet needs, whether your preference for the evening is Chinese, Mediterranean , Indian, Thai or Continental victuals, or something as simple as a burger to wade away the hunger before attending a show. Just roam around the place and you’ll find lots of choice as far as eating out is concerned.

Casinos have long been synonymous for Las Vegas.

The city has the biggest congregation of top casinos in the world, and hence some of the richest gamblers from across the globe. If you are good enough in this art, there is no better a place than to check where your fortunes stand on the lucky-meter. Games options are plenty.

Weddings in Vegas are both wonderful and unique. Have your wedding amid all pomp and splendor, many wedding chapels and its settings would conspire to make the event a memorable one to cherish for long. For the adventurous couples, they could opt for a helicopter wedding, over the Grand Canyon , again an only-in-Vegas option.

Luxurious stay, gourmet menu, top notch casinos, and friendly customer service; these are the hallmarks of Vegas hotels, and one of the reasons why people keep coming back to this city. From the cheapest hotels to the south of the strip to more up-market ones in downtown, for the tourist/gamblers, the available options are unending and many.

Apart from the glitz of Las Vegas casinos and hotels, there is plenty to see in and around the city. Book a trip to the Great Canyon – by road or air borne – or take time off to visit its many museums and galleries, the sunset stampede or Streetmosphere, enjoy a drive in a real race car, or if you are a sports buff, spend a couple of hours in one of the lush golf courses. Book your Vegas tours in advance to make sure that you get all what you want.

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