Roulette Availability

Roulette is a game that everyone knows and loves, primarily because for the longest time it was associated with being the gambling game. Classical movies like Casa Blanca showed us a time before blackjack when roulette was the game that was played in the backrooms of the world and even though roulette has been forced to take a backseat to blackjack in terms of popularity in North America and many other places around the world, it is still a force to be reckoned with and there are many people around the world that still love roulette and call it their game of choice.

Many of these people even live in Las Vegas and for that reason roulette is easily accessible at the casinos located within the city. In terms of overall accessibility, it is not a stretch to say that every major casino in Las Vegas will have multiple roulette tables. It is also probably not a stretch to say that every casino in Las Vegas probably has at least one roulette table on the casino floor, although it can not be said for certain that every casino in Las Vegas has roulette games going around the clock.

While the popularity of roulette is strong in Las Vegas, it is not quite strong enough to make that statement for the smaller casinos that need to constantly move in and out of different games in order to cater to the needs of the people that visit their casinos. You can easily avoid any type of ambiguity in regards to roulette by visiting the well known casinos in Las Vegas however as they all have multiple roulette wheels available around the clock for you to enjoy. In terms of the variants, what you will most likely find regarding Las Vegas is that the dominant form of roulette being played is American Roulette. This is perhaps not that surprising considering the game was practically invented in Las Vegas, but it is still something for you to keep in mind.

American Roulette has two zeros (a zero and a double zero slot) instead of one zero and for that reason the house has an edge that is about twice as large as the one you would see in a normal game of single zero roulette, also known as European Roulette in order to distinguish its origins from the game with two slots for the green numbers. Figuring out the odds for the American Roulette variant is not that difficult to do. This is because unlike many of the other games that you will find in the casino, the odds for roulette are not concealed in the deal of the cards or anything else, but rather are available right there on the board.

There are 36 normal numbers and you get paid on that particular scale, but then the two green zero and double zero squares mean that the house has odds of 38-to-36 against you. This translates to an overall house edge of 5.6%.