Shows in Las Vegas : American Storm

Shows in Las Vegas : American Storm

American Storm is a different kind of Las Vegas show. This show has a lot more in common with the old Las Vegas than it does with the new Las Vegas . This essentially means that the show is not suitable for children. If you are going to be traveling with children, you will need to find someone to care for them while you go watch the show, find something for them to do while you go watch the show or leave them in the hotel room while you go watch the show.

By all accounts however this will be worth it as American Storm is a very interesting look at what reality can do for the average guy next door. In this rather interesting Las Vegas show, these people are taken from the street and then taught to dance at the same time that their bodies are built up into final results that make them look like Greek Gods. The end result of this reality television program is a male dance revue that sees a lot of males bare their bodies for the world to see. The nudity in the show is tasteful however and for that reason anyone interested in this type of show will very much appreciate getting a chance to see American Storm during their trip to the city of Las Vegas. American Storm is put on at Polly Esther’s which is a theatre located in the Stratosphere Resort.

The Stratosphere Resort is located at 2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard , placing it on the Las Vegas Strip and therefore quite accessible to anyone that visits the city as a tourist. Another thing to appreciate about this show is that since the subject matter is adult and mostly will attract females interested in adult content, the creators of the program know that they will be drawing on a smaller overall audience for each of the shows they put on.

For this reason, there is a general admission price of $57.45 for the tickets to this show. If you have taken a look at the prices for other shows, you know that any ticket price under $60 is a cheap ticket price. In this case, the price is cheap not because the show is bad, but rather because the target audience is smaller and therefore the prices need to be lower to entice a higher percentage of people from the audience to view the show. This is supply and demand economics at its most basic and for someone that is intrigued by the plot to American Storm, it is a great way to attend a show while minimizing the impact it has on your pocketbook.


Shows for American Storm take place Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 PM for a total of four shows a week. There is some seasonal variation with shows added and removed however, so that should be used more as a general guide and less as a set-in-stone plan for exactly how the shows will be scheduled during the day(s) that you are in Las Vegas.