Caesar’s Palace Casino


Caesar’s Palace is another Las Vegas Casino that is very well known in the world today. It is perhaps one of the better reputation casinos in the entire world, mostly because people think of it as being one of the most well rounded resort casino establishments in the world. Some resorts go heavy on the accommodations to the detriment of everything else while others do the same thing with one of the different areas of dining, gaming, amenities and access. Caesar’s Palace has long been a good model for achieving balance and this is true in microcosm as well since it applies to the specifics of their casino operations just as much as it does to the overall resort that they have going.


Caesar’s Palace is located on 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard and indeed has some streets named after its establishment that intersect the boulevard when you enter the resort establishment. This places it in the heart of the action in Las Vegas and overall is a fantastic location for anyone that wants to sample the entire strip during their Las Vegas tourism adventure.

Casino Amenities

There are many casino amenities to enjoy when you are playing at Caesar’s Palace Casino. For starters, you will find that their table game section is quite extensive, allowing you to sample all of your favourite classic casino games while at the same time still being able to play a multitude of secondary games when the situation might call for it. If table games are not your thing, then maybe you will find the staggering array of slot and video poker machines that Caesar’s Palace has on the casino floor more to your liking. Are you a person that enjoys the non-traditional casino gaming more than the traditional? The good news for you then is that Caesar’s Palace Casino has an around the clock keno booth that you can visit if you feel lucky and it also has a sportsbook in front of an impressive array of televisions that you can take advantage of if you’d like to sit down and watch the game or race you just bet on. Finally, Caesar’s Palace also has a decent poker room that you can play in if non-house poker is your game of choice.

Secondary Amenities

If you are interested in secondary amenities, then Caesar’s Palace is definitely the place to be. The secondary amenities included in this package include massive shopping and dining facilities, excellent nightlife venues and shows performed by such famous talents as Elton John, Cher , Bette Midler and Jerry Seinfeld. With such big names, it is perhaps no wonder that Caesar’s Palace is the place to be. With so many different choices available between the casino amenities and the secondary amenities, it is quite easy to just walk into Caesar’s Palace at the start of your vacation and leave at the end of it having never sampled the entire array of what they have to offer.


For the dizzying amount of choice you get from Caesar’s Palace, they definitely deserve the label of being one of the best in Las Vegas.