Excalibur Casino Review


Excalibur is a famous name in literature as it represents the great sword of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Camelot is a very impressive part of mythology and drawing on that mythology, one can indeed take a close look at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas and see that there are many parallels between what is written and what ended up inside the casino. For this reason, people that were fans of King Arthur when they were growing up will be people that will enjoy this casino greatly. It has the theme to impress.


The Excalibur Casino is located at 3850 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it on an area of Las Vegas known as the Las Vegas Strip. Everyone has probably heard of the Las Vegas Strip already and if you have heard of it, you know that it is the place in Las Vegas where all the action happens. The best casinos, restaurants, theatres and entertainment venues are all located on the strip and for that reason Excalibur Casino can quite easily claim to occupy one of the best locations in all of Las Vegas .

Casino Amenities 

There are many casino amenities available to people that want to play at the Excalibur Casino. It all starts with the slot machine availability, which is perhaps the most important thing for most of the casinos in Las Vegas . Whether you are looking for three reel slot machines in the traditional fold or nine reel slot machines in the ultramodern fold, you will find what you are looking for at the Excalibur Casino. In addition to slot machines however, Excalibur Casino is involved in blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, casino war, craps, keno, let it ride, mini baccarat, roulette and stud poker. These collectively form their table game offerings and there are even tournaments available in many of those games as well. Add to the table and slot games a sportsbook and a poker room and you have a state of the art modern casino with a lot of excellent amenities to offer.

Secondary Amenities

In addition to those primary casino amenities, the Excalibur Casino is home to some impressive support amenities as well. It starts with the spa and continues on with amenities to help out with any meetings or social gatherings you would like to have in Las Vegas , allowing you to intersperse playing at the casino with whatever meeting you might be chairing. In addition to that, there are many performances and tours that you can take of the entire resort establishment to see just how amazing Excalibur really is. A good example of this is the Castle Walk, where you can not only see what it’s all about but you can also find some great shopping, before heading over to the swimming pool and getting in some personal fitness time.


Overall, Excalibur Casino does have the primary and secondary amenities necessary to be considered one of the best casinos in Vegas and with a winning theme like Camelot, it certainly deserves all the popularity it currently has.