Four Queen’s Casino Review


The Four Queen’s Casino is an interesting Las Vegas Casino experience. It is named after the hand of the same name in poker, but the overall theme inside the casino is not really a poker theme. It is more a theme of general splendor, which makes the Four Queen’s Casino somewhat unique in that perspective. One of the mottos of Las Vegas however is “whatever works” and in the case of the Four Queen’s Casino, it not only works, it does a fantastic job of placing the Four Queen’s Casino near the top of the Las Vegas charts.


The Four Queen’s Casino is located on Fremont Street in Las Vegas , making it a little bit east of the main South Las Vegas Boulevard channel of the Las Vegas Strip. This puts it in the position of being close enough to the Las Vegas Strip to allow you to walk from Four Queen’s to anywhere on the strip you might want to go. At the same time, it also has the position of being just out of range of the noise pollution that often is the main criticism of the Las Vegas Strip. Most hotels and casinos have noise-proofing done to them, but if you want to sleep with the window open it might be advantageous to choose a place like the Four Queen’s Casino for your accommodation and casino experiences in Las Vegas .

Casino Amenities

In a recent Las Vegas Review Journal Poll, the table games at the Four Queen’s Casino were voted the best in the entire city. Considering that they are laid out neatly, offer all of your casino favorites like blackjack, roulette and craps and also happen to come with a rewards program that allows you to actually make money while you play the games, it is perhaps not that surprising that the casino games available at Four Queen’s Casino would be so popular. In addition to these table games, there are also slot machines of all kind available across the casino floor. Access to keno gaming rounds out the traditional casino selections and then a sportsbook is added into the mix for good measure to ensure that you have lots of options available to you should you want to gamble the night away at the Four Queen’s Casino.

Secondary Amenities

As far as the Four Queen’s Casino is concerned, it all starts with dining as a support structure for the casino gaming activities. To that end, you will find many fantastic restaurants specializing in different types of cuisine to tantalize your taste buds in between rolls at the roulette table. Additionally, there are many entertainment venues within the area occupied by the overall Four Queen’s Resort (of which the casino is part) that have shows going on for you to enjoy. Overall, being in a casino on Fremont Street in Las Vegas is a fantastic experience vis-à-vis secondary amenities because of the great non-gambling entertainment they offer.


Four Queen’s Casino is a top quality casino with good gaming and secondary facilities for you to enjoy.