Golden Nugget Casino


The Golden Nugget Casino is perhaps best known for the appearances it has made on the most popular television shows of the day. The Golden Nugget Casino has been host to some of the seasons of Poker Superstars as well as some of the seasons of High Stakes Poker. Overall, the Golden Nugget Casino has more name brand power than actual anecdotal evidence of it being good, which is why a closer examination of the actual casino is necessary before a conclusion can be reached about how good it is in relation to the other Las Vegas Casinos.


The address of the Golden Nugget Casino is 129 Fremont Street . This places it a little bit east of the main South Las Vegas Boulevard that is generally considered the Las Vegas Strip, which is actually a good deal if you plan to stay there in the hotel in addition to frequenting the casino. This is because Golden Nugget is still close enough to the Las Vegas Strip that you can easily walk anywhere you want to while at the same time being just slightly out of the line of fire of a lot of the noise pollution that tends to clog things up on the Strip. It is quite arguably one of the best positions in Las Vegas for a casino resort establishment to have.

Casino Amenities

There are many casino amenities available at the Golden Nugget Casino, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons that the television shows chose the Golden Nugget Casino to host in the first place. In addition to great comfort, relaxation and interior decoration however, the Golden Nugget Casino is home to all of the typical table games you might want to play at a casino such as blackjack, baccarat, craps and roulette. In addition to that there are many slot machines available for you to take a look at, while there is also a sportsbook that you can take advantage of if you are looking to place a bet on a particular horse race or sporting event which has a participant that you are supporting. Finally, Golden Nugget Casino is also home to a rather impressive poker room that allows you to play the game with the fastest growing popularity in the world at the current moment in time.

Secondary Amenities

Secondary amenities that are available at Golden Nugget Casino include excellent dining facilities, a fun area in which you can get some drinks and of course entertainment venues that allow you to see great shows right then and there. There are even additional amenities like beautification and fitness venues available to people that want them, showing the deep commitment to its customers that the Golden Nugget Casino has.


Overall, the Golden Nugget Casino definitely has the quality to go along with the reputation it has as being one of the major Las Vegas Casinos. While it probably would not have risen to that level without help from its television deals, it certainly deserves to be there now that it has gotten to the top.