Mandalay Bay Casino Review


Mandalay Bay is not one of the better known casinos in Las Vegas , but this is mostly because it is one of the best kept secrets around. When you take a look at the games that are available and the wagers which you can make for those games, it becomes quite obvious that Mandalay Bay is deserving of a spot amongst the top casinos in Las Vegas as far as reputation goes. Because it does not have that at present, most people that go to Las Vegas and take a try at the tables at Mandalay Bay end up exceptionally surprised in a good way at the excellence they find within.


Mandalay Bay Casino is located at 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This is a location inside the city of Las Vegas that is also known as the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay is therefore a strip casino and that makes it one of the better tourist casinos in the city because of its location close to the centre of all tourism action inside the city of Las Vegas . The Mandalay Casino is absolutely in a prime real estate position and that just strengthens the overall package it brings to the table when all is said and done.

Casino Amenities

As far as the casino is concerned, Mandalay Bay has a number of unique aspects to it that make it stand out when compared to all of the other casinos you will find inside the city of Las Vegas. For starters, the casino is gigantic. The overall environment logs in as being around 135,000 square feet, which is much larger than most of the other casinos you will find in Las Vegas . In addition to that, the interior decoration is rather unique as well as it is designed to mimic a tropical paradise rather than a European capital or just a general theme of luxury. For that reason, the Mandalay Bay Casino is easily one of the more uniquely beautiful interiors around. Finally, when you take those unique elements and add to them the typical casino elements of good game selection and excellent reward programs, it becomes quite easy to see where the strengths of the Mandalay Bay Casino concept come from.

Secondary Amenities

If you need a break from the casino, Mandalay Bay Casino has some of the best secondary amenities to offer as well. There are great choices for dining both in formal and informal settings, as well as some excellent nightlife venues that you can visit if you need a late night break from a late night gambling session. Finally, entertainment is another way to go if you want a break from casino gaming, with shows like Mamma Mia making their home right inside the Mandalay Bay Casino. If none of those three options meet with your approval, that is where the location comes in handy as it allows you to simply walk to wherever on the strip you want to go.


Mandalay Bay Casino is the full package deal as far as casinos are concerned, so you should definitely consider playing there on your next trip to Las Vegas.