MGM Grand Casino Review


The MGM Grand Casino is one of the better casinos in the city of Las Vegas . MGM is already known outside of Las Vegas as being one of the major filmmakers in the country, but the truth of the matter is that they have a large amount of influence in what goes on in the gambling circles of Las Vegas as well. Overall, the casino has a lot to love about it and that in combination with the massive name recognition it enjoys due to the MGM label allows it to draw hundreds of new players into its casino facilities on a daily basis.


 3799 South Las Vegas Boulevard is the address of the MGM Grand Casino. It includes not only the casino gaming facilities that are located there, but also the other facilities that combine to create the overall MGM Hotel and Casino Resort that exists within that particular area of the city. Furthermore, that address places the MGM Grand Casino right on the Las Vegas Strip. This is good not only because of the fact that it places the MGM Grand Casino within walking distance of many of the best tourism destinations in Las Vegas, but also because of the fact that you can easily get to the MGM Grand Casino whenever you might want to from any location in Las Vegas. The Strip also acts as a major thoroughfare for traffic, allowing you to get to many other places outside of the city directly from the MGM Grand Casino as well.

Casino Amenities

In terms of gaming, there are four primary categories of gaming that take place on the casino floor of the MGM Grand Casino. The first is slot machine gaming, which is easily the most popular type of gaming they have available. With many slot machines of different makes and designs, you can easily fritter away many hours through playing one of the slot machines on the casino floor. The slot machines are joined by table games such as craps, blackjack and roulette, with the craps games in the MGM Grand Casino being worthy of highlight because of the typical high energy they bring to the rest of the casino experience. In addition to these two traditional gaming groups, there is also a poker room present as well as a sportsbook, allowing you to do all of your gambling under one roof.

Secondary Amenities 

The MGM Grand Casino is part of a larger resort and that allows it to bring some secondary amenities to bear. These amenities include a spa, a salon, some great restaurants and some fantastic meeting venues that you can use should you wish to have a large gathering of people when you get to Las Vegas .


The casino experience is really the reason to visit the MGM Grand Casino. Whereas most of the other casinos try to increase their secondary amenities at the cost of casino quality, the MGM Grand Casino really is about the gambling experience. And in the end, that is why so many people love it.