Monte Carlo Casino Review


The Mote Carlo Casino is a recreation of the famous casino by the same name located in Monte Carlo , Monaco . It is one of the most luxurious casinos in the entire world and for that reason the people that came up with the idea to recreate that casino inside Las Vegas had to come up with the same Monte Carlo method of doing things. The end result was a breathtakingly beautiful casino right in the middle of all the action in Las Vegas . If you want to gamble in style, it can be argued that the Monte Carlo Casino is most definitely the place to get that done.


The Monte Carlo Casino is located at 3770 South Las Vegas Boulevard , essentially placing it right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. This means that you can go to the other casinos around and you can go to the other resorts as well just to see what is going on. You really don’t need to however, since the Monte Carlo Casino does give you everything you could ever possibly want in a casino, but it is nice to know that the option is there should you wish to exercise the choice.

Casino Amenities

Monte Carlo Casino can easily be classified as being a casino that has all the normal stuff and then a whole lot more. Under the category of normal stuff would fall games like blackjack, baccarat, slot machines, roulette, craps, casino poker, non-casino poker, sportsbook betting, horse race betting and loyalty programs across the board for everything you could want to do. These are all impressive additions, especially in the way they are done at the Monte Carlo Casino, but at the same point in time they are things that you could find in any other casino around.

No, where Monte Carlo Casino really excels is in what they do to go above and beyond what is requested of them by the general gaming public. This includes things like high limit games, easy casino credit, the ability to obtain tax information should you need it, special gaming events across all disciplines and a hefty section on responsible gaming, a lot of which was done voluntarily by the casino to help their players. Stuff like this is often not found in many lesser casinos and it is really this stuff that sets Monte Carlo Casino apart from some of the others.

Secondary Amenities

Monte Carlo Casino has much else for you to enjoy including fitness centers, spas, salons, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shopping. All of these are provided for guests of the hotel and some of them are also available to casino goers, showing just how serious Monte Carlo is about making their casino customers happy.


Monte Carlo Casino in Europe is something special, but so is the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas . It is only once you’ve seen interior pictures of the two of them together that you begin to realize just how amazing the casino located in Las Vegas really is.