The Bellagio Casino


There are many big casinos located in the heart of Las Vegas and The Bellagio Casino is one of those big casinos. It is one of the major players in the Las Vegas market and for a variety of reasons, most people have already heard of this casino even if they have had no dealings with Las Vegas in the past. It is a famous casino, but what is even better is that it is a casino of top quality that goes out and proactively improves its service rather than sitting back and relying on its reputation to bring in customers. Any corporation that does that in today’s world is worthy of respect, especially if that corporation happens to be a casino.


The Bellagio Casino is located at 3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it right on the Las Vegas Strip, which is definitely a good place for any casino to be. The Bellagio is in fact a very important part of the Las Vegas Strip because of the attractions it has inside and for that reason the strip would really not be the same place without The Bellagio Casino. Overall, its location on the strip also ensures that you can go anywhere you want by just walking, since all of the good action in Las Vegas is located on the Las Vegas Strip.  

Casino Amenities

There are many casino amenities available at The Bellagio Casino, such as the vast number of slot machines that are available to anyone that would like to play at them. In addition to these slot machines, there are also many table games around that allow people the opportunity to flex their muscles at blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps or whatever else might meet their fancy. The Bellagio Casino is a casino of plenty as far as tables are concerned, so you should easily be able to find exactly what it is you are looking for no matter what else might happen. In addition to table games and slot machines, The Bellagio Casino also has a sportsbook that you can use. Where the strength of this casino really comes to bear is not in any of these areas however, but rather in the poker room. The Bellagio Poker Room is easily the most famous poker room in Las Vegas , being home to some of the world’s best and most recognizable professional personalities. It is home to The Big Game, which is a game between poker professionals and their billionaire friends that anybody that knows anything about the professional poker industry will recognize by name right away.

Secondary Amenities

If you get tired of casino or poker gaming, The Bellagio has a lot that you can enjoy such as a section for beautification, a whole section of clubs and restaurants for nightlife and a number of normal restaurants that you can use during the day when you get hungry or thirsty or just need a break.


People come to The Bellagio Casino to play poker, but they stay for everything else.