The Mirage Casino Review


The Mirage Casino is easily one of the most recognizable names on the roster of Las Vegas casinos not only because of its status as being one of the major Las Vegas casinos, but also because of the fact that it has been behind a number of televised poker and blackjack events that have really allowed it to get a large amount of name brand recognition around the world. For this reason, people come from all over the world to play at The Mirage Casino.


The overall location of The Mirage Casino is 3400 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it right on the Las Vegas Strip which is the most accessible stretch of real estate in the city for people that are tourists and want to gamble. It is within walking distance of all of the other major gambling institutions in Las Vegas as well as within walking distance of all the best shows and dining that Las Vegas has to offer. A fair amount of both of those are even located within the grounds of The Mirage Casino anyway, but should you wish to venture out and see what else the Las Vegas Strip has to offer, you’ll be able to do it from a position of prime strategic importance if you make The Mirage Casino your gambling home in Las Vegas.

Gambling Amenities

The Mirage Casino is definitely an excellent casino to visit because of the large amount of choice you have available to you. Table games range from the popular like blackjack and baccarat to the less popular like Pai Gow Poker and there of course is always room for your favorites from the older generations such as roulette and craps. The same is true of slot machines with the newest video slots and the oldest one-armed bandits around to play with. If the traditional limits bore you, there is even a high limit lounge available where you can bid serious money on many different games. Poker and sports betting are both also available on the casino floor of The Mirage Casino and there is even a player’s club card that you can use to get loyalty points whenever you wager at The Mirage Casino.

Secondary Amenities

Like every good casino in Las Vegas these days, The Mirage Casino has more to offer than just the casino gaming. They have fantastic restaurants that you can visit with decent prices as well as excellent nightlife amenities that you can partake of to meet new people and expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. When you add those to the already long list of shopping, beautification and exercise amenities The Mirage Casino has as part of its hotel facilities, it is quite easy to see why The Mirage Casino is considered one of the best all around tourism establishments in the city of Las Vegas.


The Mirage Casino is certainly a force to be reckoned with in Las Vegas and it should definitely be one of the casinos you check out while you are there.