The Venetian Casino Review


If you were to do an informal poll of exactly how people feel regarding different cities within the world, chances are very good that a large number of people would put Venice on their list of most beautiful cities around. And when you think about it, there is really nothing particularly wrong with that, since it is one of the most beautiful cities around. The Venetian attempts to tap into that particular theme and does a very good job of it, creating an atmosphere that is one of the best in the city.


The location of The Venetian Casino is 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it directly on the Las Vegas Strip and within walking distance of the vast majority of the major action spots for anything that goes on vis-à-vis tourism activity within the city.

Casino Amenities

Taking an overview of the casino gaming amenities that are available at The Venetian Casino reveals an awe-inspiring number of games that you can play if you want to make gambling your top priority when you are at The Venetian Casino. These games include some of the most classic table games imaginable like blackjack, craps and roulette while at the same time including access to many non-traditional casino gaming activities like the chance to bet on horse racing and other sporting events while at the same time getting the chance to procure credit right from the window of the cashier without having to go any further to get things done. The Venetian Casino even has access to a fully equipped poker room for people that have gotten that craze within the last few years. Slot machines intersperse all of these different casino gaming amenities, creating one of the most authentic casino gaming floors in the entire area.

Secondary Amenities

Of course, another thing to love about The Venetian Casino is that in the true spirit of excellent Las Vegas gambling amenities, it happens to be home to some fantastic secondary amenities that you can partake of should you feel the need to take a break from your gambling activities. These include things like beautification at the spa and salon as well as exercise at the swimming pool, both of which are available and open around the clock for the convenience of people that are at The Venetian. Shopping, great food and a great nightlife are all also on the table when you visit The Venetian Casino, which illustrates the advantage of doing your gambling in Las Vegas at places that are combination casino and hotel facilities.


When one looks closely at The Venetian Casino, the best one word answer to give would be phenomenal. This is really a phenomenal place and you can see it no matter what particular area of their operations you are looking at when you make the judgment call. No single review can possibly do this place justice, which really means that you have to see what they bring to the table in order to believe it.