Circus Circus Hotel Review


Circus Circus Hotel is a good example of a hotel in Las Vegas that is versatile. The top resort market in Vegas is already so saturated that for the most part people creating other resorts tend to need versatility in order to survive. For this reason you will find that most resorts in Vegas are versatile, but the Circus Circus Hotel takes versatility to a whole new level.


 The Circus Circus Hotel is located at 2880 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it right on the Las Vegas Strip and in the heart of the tourist district inside the city.


 The actual accommodations offered in this hotel are impressive, with both tower rooms and manor rooms available for people. Tower rooms are normal hotel rooms that you would expect every hotel to have while manor rooms are the upgraded, spacious and luxurious rooms that you can get if you are willing to pay extra. As the name implies, manor rooms are basically a home in and of themselves. Of course, for the intrepid Las Vegas vacationer that has their own recreational vehicle and does not need hotel accommodations, the Circus Circus Hotel actually has an RV Park that yo u can take advantage of.

Food and Drink 

The food line up at this particular hotel is what one would expect from a Vegas resort. At the top of the list of fine dining is their steak house, which they claim sells the best steak that you can get in the city. In addition to the steak house, other major establishments at the hotel include a restaurant specializing in Mexican and Italian food as well as a pizzeria and a buffet that allows you to go back for more. In addition to this, there are also delis where you can get a sandwich quickly as well as cafes that allow you to have more of a social experience rather than a full meal. Overall, the selections available are more than adequate.

Exercise and Relaxation 

If you are looking to relax, you can actually go out for a stroll on the Las Vegas Strip as the location of this particular resort places it in a good place for that type of activity. If you want some exercise and relaxation inside the hotel however, your two best bets are the golf course and the shopping mall. Both offer you exercise in the form of brisk walking and both offer relaxation. You can either play a round of golf with some friends or shop for gifts for people back home.


 As far as entertainment goes, the name says it all! The largest free circus in the world is located inside the resort and is a must see for everyone. Additionally, there is also a theme park located inside the resort with all kinds of attractions that kids will absolutely love.


With good food, good amenities and uniquely wonderful entertainment options, the Circus Circus Hotel is one to keep an eye on.