Golden Nugget Hotel Review


The Golden Nugget Hotel is one of the premier Las Vegas Hotels, primarily because of the fact that it has a lot of services to offer in addition to the accommodations. It is the quintessential Las Vegas all around package and this is true no matter which part of the hotel you look at.


The Golden Nugget Hotel is located at 129 Fremont Street in Las Vegas, placing it just a little bit off the Las Vegas Strip. It is close enough to give you access to all of the strip’s activities while being a little bit removed from all the noise of the strip at the same time. Some people prefer this location for that reason.


At the Golden Nugget Hotel, you can book spa tower suites, parlor suites and gold club rooms, each of which has their own particular set of advantages and a fixed cost to go along with what you get. In addition to that however, you get the chance to choose between getting a room in the north tower or in the south tower, both of which offer their own unique advantages in terms of the view you get when you book the rooms. There is no lack of choice when it comes to accommodations at the Golden Nugget Hotel.

Food and Drink 

The cuisine that you can get at the Golden Nugget Hotel is best divided into establishments that are traditional American food establishments and then other establishments that serve Italian, Chinese and Japanese food. There are also casual and fast food establishments available and even various cafes and bars that you can go to if you’d rather have a social experience with some of your friends as opposed to sitting down for a full meal with them.

Exercise and Relaxation 

If you are looking to relax at the Golden Nugget Hotel, there are few places better to do it than at the spa that they have attached to the overall resort establishment. In addition to that, you can also go to the salon and procure a new hairstyle while you are vacationing in the city. People that are interested in exercising on the other hand and getting some activity going will enjoy both the swimming pool and the golf course, both of which are open to people staying at the hotel.


As far as entertainment is concerned; the Golden Nugget Hotel is collocated with the Golden Nugget Casino. In addition to that, there is also a video arcade that you can partake of should you wish your entertainment to be a bit more digital in nature. Finally, there is also the Fremont Street Experience, which is the largest light show in Las Vegas and one of the largest outdoor light shows in the world.


As previously mentioned, the main advantage of the Golden Nugget Casino is that it has the all-around power to make you happy in many different ways. This more than anything else is the strongest selling point for the Golden Nugget Casino.