Imperial Palace Hotel Review


 Imperial Palace Hotel is one of the major hotels in Las Vegas, although not many people have heard of it just offhand. They do not do a lot of brand name advertising, which is why the only people that hear of it are people that have actively done research into Las Vegas hotels. That having been said however, this hotel definitely deserves to be viewed as one of the best in Vegas.


 The Imperial Palace Hotel is located at 3535 South Las Vegas Boulevard, which places it directly on the Las Vegas Strip. This means that if you stay here, you have access to all the other great resorts and entertainment venues in the city of Las Vegas.


The accommodations that are available at the Imperial Palace Hotel are decidedly Far East in nature, which is perhaps something that you’ve already guessed by the name of the resort establishment. The accommodations that are available are the standard room, the Capri room, the deluxe room, the luv tub room, the deluxe luv tub room, the king suite and the deluxe king suite, with prices going up in the order that the rooms are listed. The standard room is the basic hotel room at Imperial Palace and the deluxe king suite is the absolute top of the line in terms of both luxury and functionality, but it also does happen to cost quite a bit more as well.

Food and Drink 

Dining at the Imperial Palace Hotel is something that is quite easy to do and with excellent establishments like the Burger Palace and the Emperor’s Buffet, you have a number of good choices to pick from when you sit down to eat. You can get hamburgers, Chinese food, American food, pizza and coffee table food all within the dining section of the Imperial Palace Hotel. And all of it is of the highest quality available within the city of Las Vegas.

Exercise and Relaxation

 If you are interested in kicking back and relaxing during your Las Vegas vacation, you are going to find that you have a number of outlets to do just that. The spa is a good place to start, as it allows you to not only relax but also to rejuvenate through the services they have available. In addition to that, there is also a salon that is worth taking a look at if you want to grab a new hairstyle while you are on vacation. For exercise, the Imperial Palace Hotel has both a swimming pool and a golf course available, giving you the chance to maintain some exercise while you are on vacation.


 For entertainment purposes, there is an auto show that you can visit in the Imperial Palace that will certainly impress anyone interested in automobiles. In addition to that however, there is also shopping available and a very active nightlife, ensuring that people get a chance to really indulge in leisure activities while they are in Las Vegas. Add to this the large number of shows and events that take place at Imperial Palace and you have a sure fire recipe for fun.


 The Imperial Palace Hotel has it all and for that reason is simply one of the best resorts around.