Mandalay Bay Hotel Review


 There are a number of different hotels out there that have big names and when it comes to popular opinion outside the city of Las Vegas it is probably safe to say that the Mandalay Bay Hotel is not one of them. That having been said however, there is a lot to love about the Mandalay Bay Hotel and for that reason alone you should seriously consider making this the site of your next Las Vegas experience.


The Mandalay Bay Hotel is located at 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard , placing it directly on the Las Vegas Strip. Staying at the Mandalay Bay Hotel will give you ready access to the best tourism destinations within Las Vegas as well as access to transportation that will get you to all the rest.


The accommodations at the Mandalay Bay Hotel are certainly worthy of admiration and the choice that you can get there is simply stunning. Each room is unique with its own views, interior decorations, sizes and available amenities and for that reason it is close to impossible to divide them into different categories. They’re all fantastic however, even the rooms that you can get for $120 a night, showing the versatility of a Mandalay Bay experience.

Food and Drink 

Mandalay Bay Restaurants include a handful of signature restaurants that include American, Chinese and Italian cuisine, as well as a number of casual and fast food restaurants that span the globe in terms of their offerings. There are also several informal café and bar outlets that you can visit if you’re looking for a snack and a drink inside a social atmosphere that will allow you to relax and maybe even to make a few new friends.

Exercise and Relaxation

Mandalay Bay is home to a beach that you can get both exercise and relaxation at, taking a swim in the water before relaxing on the beach with a cocktail. In addition to that, Mandalay Bay Hotel is also home to a spa where you can get some beautification work done, a bathhouse that allows you to seriously lounge about and actually gain some health benefits as a result and a golf course that will allow you to take a few strokes off your game while you are at the same time enjoying your Las Vegas vacation.


The entertainment at Mandalay Bay Hotel is quite unique and it starts with the Shark Reef Aquarium, one of the most singularly unique exhibitions in the world. There is also quite a bit of shopping available at Mandalay Bay, allowing you to stop in and secure presents for all of your friends and family back home. In addition to that, Mandalay Bay is home to some great production shows, a solidly vibrant nightlife and a casino that has just about everything you could want in a Las Vegas gambling establishment.


 Mandalay Bay Hotel has quite a bit of uniqueness to offer and in the end that is perhaps the strongest reason for you to consider this hotel the next time you visit the city of Las Vegas .