Plaza Hotel Review


The Plaza Hotel is a hotel that many people are familiar with, mostly because the name was popularized in the movie Home Alone 2. Well, that Plaza Hotel was in New York and this one is in Las Vegas , but they do have one thing in common: they are both high quality accommodation establishments.


 The Plaza Hotel is located on Fremont Street in Las Vegas , which places it just a few blocks away from the Las Vegas Strip. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being close to the strip while at the same time being just a bit removed from the bulk of the noise pollution that is sometimes complained about.


 The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas is home to well over 1000 different rooms and for that kind of number you know right away that they are going to have some good choices for you to enjoy. Those choices include bargain rooms that allow you the opportunity to stay at the hotel for a cheap amount of money while at the same time also having room for more luxurious rooms that can be yours to enjoy if you’re willing to shell out the extra money that they happen to cost. The choice is yours when you stay at the Plaza Hotel.

Food and Drink 

The Plaza Hotel is home to some impressive food and drink establishments, such as the Great Moments Café. Lombardi’s is another restaurant that you will find inside the hotel and they serve food of such high quality that you’ll want to come back to the same restaurant again and again just so that you can enjoy their meals one more time. For people that want more for less there is also a buffet dining experience and even a food court if you happen to be in a hurry and just want some fast food to go so that you can enjoy something else.

Exercise and Relaxation 

The main form of relaxation that you can get from the Plaza Hotel has to be without a doubt their spa experience. The Plaza Hotel spa is a very impressive specimen because it allows you to do many different beautification activities in quick succession. People that love to be pampered a lot during their vacations will absolutely love what the Plaza Hotel spa has to offer.


As far as entertainment is concerned, the Plaza Hotel is also home to the Plaza Casino, which is definitely a top notch gambling establishment, even by the high standards set in Las Vegas . There is also the aqua lounge for people that are interested in nightclub entertainment, as well as a Rat Pack homage performance for anyone that remembers that era fondly. Finally, there is also the Fremont Street Experience, which is one of the best light shows around.


There is a lot to love about the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas . Whether you go there for the entertainment, the great food or the wonderful choice in where you spend the night, you will not be disappointed.