Rio Hotel Review


The Rio Hotel is collocated with the Rio Casino, which is well known because of its role in hosting the World Series of Poker on an annual basis. There is much more to like about the Rio Hotel however, as it wouldn’t be worthy of Las Vegas if that were the only good point.


 For starters, the Rio Hotel is located at 3700 West Flamingo Road , which is a road that is just off the main Las Vegas Strip at South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places the Rio Hotel in an excellent overall position and that is certainly a point in its favor.


The hotel accommodations are another thing to like about the Rio Hotel and in particular the excellent selection you have to choose from would probably be the main strong point the hotel has in this area. A good selection should give a person many choices across both the amenities and the cost spectrum so that they can find the right balance between the two for their vacation. The Rio Hotel does this with its available accommodations and that means that they get high marks in this particular category.   

Food and Drink 

As far as food and drink are concerned, the Rio Hotel can hold its own against its rival resorts in Las Vegas . However, it does have one particular restaurant that is unique and that is the Gaylord Indian Restaurant. In a city where Indian cuisine is not found frequently, the Gaylord Indian Restaurant serves North Indian food that is not only authentic, but it is absolutely delicious as well. Getting to a high level in a city where a particular type of cuisine is uncommon is not easy by any stretch of the imagination and the Rio Hotel certainly deserves kudos for managing that accomplishment here.

Exercise and Relaxation

Relaxation at the Rio Hotel is comparable to relaxation at most of the other nearby Vegas hotels because they have both a salon and a spa that you can use for relaxation purposes. In addition to that however, the Rio Hotel is home to a beach with water that can be swum in as well as a golf course that can be played on, allowing for both exercise and relaxation on your Las Vegas vacation.


As far as entertainment is concerned, staying at the Rio Hotel places you crawling distance away from the Rio Casino, one of the best casinos in Las Vegas . With all kinds of excellent gaming available there, you can spend your entire entertainment budget on the casino if you wanted to without feeling left out of anything. However, just to keep you entertained through variety, the Rio Hotel also has shopping facilities, an excellent nightlife venue and a show in the sky that you can go and see which places amongst the best Las Vegas shows around.


Overall, the Rio Hotel has the accommodations and the amenities to be considered an excellent Las Vegas hotel.