Riviera Hotel Review


The Riviera is a section of Europe that has a lot to love about it and it is also one of the biggest tourism spots in the world. Of course, any resort that would like to invoke the name of the Riviera must do the term justice, which is what the following review will determine about the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas.


The Riviera Hotel is located at 2901 South Las Vegas Boulevard , a location that places it right on the Las Vegas Strip and in the middle of most of the tourism action that goes on within the city borders.


The Riviera Hotel has some absolutely gorgeous accommodations that will make you think that you fell through a hole and landed right in the middle of the most picturesque parts of Europe . With signature rooms that showcase fantastically European interior design as well as the standard, superior and deluxe rooms that all progressively get more expensive in cost as you get more and more luxury out of the deal, the Riviera Hotel cuts a good balance between total luxury and affordability, something that actually gives it an advantage over the region of the world it was named after.

Food and Drink 

Like most of the hotels that are located in Las Vegas , the two big types of cuisine represented are steakhouses and Italian restaurants. The two signature restaurants of the hotel are a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant, with an international buffet and a fast food court rounding out the main dining options you have at the Riviera Hotel. There is also a coffee shop that you can visit when you are looking for an informal snack and maybe some really good conversation with a friend or lover.

Exercise and Relaxation

 If there is one criticism that could be made of the Riviera Hotel, it would probably be that it is lacking in facilities that provide exercise and relaxation. In regards to the relaxation bit the reason for this is that the rooms themselves are so relaxing that if you just want to kick back and relax there is no better place to do it than in the room you just booked. In addition to that, there are also exercise places nearby and an entire strip outside that you can walk up and down on, so while the lack of facilities does cause Riviera Hotel to lose points, they are by no means a deal breaker.


As far as entertainment is concerned, Riviera Hotel is home to an excellent casino. In addition to that, it is home to a number of different theatre productions that you can enjoy if you have a little extra money, as well as a comedy club with some very funny comedians performing on a regular basis.


In the end, the Riviera Hotel is a thing of extreme beauty that has no problems measuring up to the European Riviera in terms of the style, beauty and luxury that you can get while you are there. However, the lack of secondary amenities beyond dining to really prop up the overall experience is what leaves it out of the top echelon of resorts in Las Vegas.