Sahara Hotel Review


 The Sahara Hotel has been around for over 50 years now and in a city such as Las Vegas that is certainly impressive from a hotel that is not really among the top echelon in terms of name brand recognition. They have to be doing something right to accomplish that and you can read on to find out what that something is.



The Sahara Hotel’s address is 2535 South Las Vegas Boulevard. This places it directly on the Las Vegas Strip and is quite simply a fantastic location to be in.


The accommodations at the Sahara Hotel are divided into rooms and suites, with the former being low cost and functional while the latter are high cost and exceptionally luxurious. This cost/luxury trade-off is the basic problem that most hotels have when they are trying to attract customers and like the Sahara Hotel the usual answer is to offer choice in accommodations so that the customer can pick whether they would like to be pampered a bit more or pay a bit less.

Food and Drink

 There are some choice meals to be had at the Sahara Hotel, which is another important point to chalk up in its favor  For example, the Sahara Buffet is a fantastic restaurant that allows you to get dining quality food at buffet quantity prices. In addition to that, the world famous NASCAR Café is also located at the Sahara Hotel, allowing fans of this all American pastime to enjoy one of the most authentic and realistic themed restaurants to ever be created in the country. Other restaurants and cafes are present as well to provide the user with as much choice as possible without having to leave the grounds of the Sahara Hotel.

Exercise and Relaxation

 If you are interested in relaxation, the Sahara Hotel is certainly one place you can go. It does not have the same extensive line up of exercise and relaxation venues as some of the other hotels that have been discussed on this website, but at the same time there is a very impressive spa located inside the borders of the Sahara Hotel that you can go to in order to get massages, facials and just about any other activity you would expect to be typical of the spa experience.


Entertainment is really the area where the Sahara Hotel excels. When you take a look at the shows they have, you will be mesmerized not only by the selection, but also by the quality of the entire selection available. In addition to that however, the Sahara Hotel has its very own casino that you can play in, as well as having a number of shops that you can browse during your leisure time. Many great gifts for people back home can be had from the shops in the Sahara Hotel, so if you stay here you should definitely take the opportunity to have a look inside.


 Choice is the keyword for the Sahara Hotel, but then the excellence of their selection makes the whole experience even better. This hotel certainly gets top marks for that reason.