Stratosphere Hotel Review


The Stratosphere Hotel is named after a part of the atmosphere that is often used to signify something that is out of this world. While the Stratosphere Hotel is firmly parked on the ground of Las Vegas , it is one of the exceptional places in that city to stay and because of that it has gotten rave reviews from the vast majority of people that have chosen to make that their base of operations when on vacation in the city.


 The Stratosphere Hotel is located at 2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it directly on the Las Vegas Strip, meaning that it is close to most of the tourism action in the city that you can gain access to. For that reason, the location of the Stratosphere Hotel is about as good as it gets in Las Vegas .


 There are three primary accommodations that you can get at the Stratosphere Hotel: guest rooms, mini-suites and premier suites. The guest rooms have six different subcategories that signify the particular theme of the room or the level of luxury you are willing to take on. You can get guest rooms that are more luxurious for more money or less luxurious for less money, but the final choice of what you want to do is completely up to you. The mini-suites are a level up from the guest rooms and have four different subcategories that once again provide variation within their class, although the lowest mini-suite would arguably still be a step up from the best guest room. Once again however, you get more luxury at more cost, so you need to balance that out when considering which rooms might be good for you at the Stratosphere Hotel. Last but certainly not least is the premier suite category, which houses presidential suites, penthouse suites, VIP suites and the amazingly wonderful premiere suite. The latter is the top of the line as far as accommodations in the Stratosphere Hotel are concerned and when their accommodations are measured by the premiere suite, it is certainly a sweet place to stay.

Food and Drink 

The food and drink facilities at the Stratosphere Hotel are quite impressive, with a number of restaurants serving different types of cuisine and with different overall restaurant types inherent to their display. There are no complaints in this department and certainly nothing to detract from the overall excellence of the Stratosphere Hotel.

Exercise and Relaxation 

Exercise and relaxation at the Stratosphere Hotel starts with the indoor and outdoor fitness rooms that are available inside the hotel grounds and then continues with the two massive swimming pools that they also have. Collectively, the hotel has everything you need for keeping in shape during your vacation.


 The entertainment in the Stratosphere Hotel includes official shows in theatres as well as impromptu gatherings that are created and run by the staff at the hotel. You can also of course head down to their casino floor and get a little gambling going with a multitude of table and slot games for you to choose from.


 Stratosphere Hotel has fantastic accommodations and has a number of secondary amenities that compliment them quite well. Overall, it passes the review test with flying colors.