The Mirage Hotel Review


Mirages are illusions by their original definition. They were terms that were most often used by people that had been walking in the desert and had through a combination of their own exhaustion and dehydration and the heat waves created by the warm temperatures seen things that turned out to not be there upon closer inspection. Well, the Mirage Hotel is awesome enough that you might think it is too good to be true, but on closer inspection everything does indeed appear to hold up.


The Mirage Hotel is located at 3400 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This places it right on the Las Vegas Strip and is essentially one of the best locations in the entire city that a hotel could have because of the close proximity it has to so many of the best places for a tourist in Las Vegas to visit.


 The accommodations at the Mirage Hotel are not as extensive in terms of selection as they might be at some other places, with guest rooms and guest suites being the difference between standard rooms and deluxe rooms in most of the other cities of the world. However, what the Mirage Hotel lacks in choice, it makes up for in the sheer amount of options you can get with your rooms such as choices for lighting, bedding, internet access and just about any other amenity you might think you could only get at home. In addition to that, the accommodations at the Mirage Hotel include a selection of rooms that are accessible to handicapped persons, making it one of the few widely accessible hotels in the entire city. For some people, this could most definitely make all the difference.

Food and Drink

 The food and drink situation at the Mirage Hotel is quite impressive indeed. In the fine dining section, they have restaurants that require formal wear and reservations ahead of time, but they will certainly deliver on the finery that was promised. You can’t go wrong with an evening at a Mirage fine dining establishment for some of the most special nights of your life. In addition to fine dining, there are also normal dining facilities and even fast food facilities for people that want a little less quality and a little more expediency so that they can get on with the rest of their day. Finally, there are also a large number of bars and lounges that do not specialize in meals, but rather are social institutions with a little food and drink thrown in for good measure.

Exercise and Relaxation

 With spas and salons to start you off, Mirage is the place to relax. In addition however, there is a swimming pool and a golf course to keep you entertained and active during your Vegas vacation.


As far as entertainment is concerned, in addition to typical entertainment venues; Mirage is also home to a dolphin trainer experience where you can actually learn how to become a dolphin trainer. It is a unique opportunity from Mirage Hotel.


 A combination of common sense amenities and unique opportunities would probably best describe the Mirage Hotel and on both fronts it receives high marks from this review.