The Venetian Hotel Review


The Venetian Hotel is themed around the European city of Venice. Venice has always been associated with style and beauty and for that reason the Venetian Hotel is a very beautiful place. A good hotel needs more than just beauty however, so a more detailed review of what it has to offer is necessary.


The Venetian Hotel is located at 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard, which is located directly on the Las Vegas Strip. This is a fantastic location for you to stay at, because it allows you to get most places that are worth going to from a tourist’s point of view with nothing but your feet.


There are 11 distinct categories of room available from the Venetian Hotel and they have sizes ranging from 650 all the way up to 1500 square feet with amenities that match depending on the size of the room you get and the amount of money you are willing to pay for it. Different amenities such as an extra bed, a dining area, a hot tub, a terrace and a DVD player are added or subtracted from rooms depending on the particular accommodation you choose to have although with some items such as the television and the DVD player you can of course pay extra in order to get them moved into a smaller room that might not necessarily have one. That having been said however, the beds are comfortable in all of the rooms.

Food and Drink 

The food and drink aspect of the Venetian Hotel is a good complimentary service to the overall rooms themselves. With excellent chefs specializing in food from all over the world, you will not have any problem finding dining to fit your particular needs at that moment. With pricing that allows you to get a casual meal for $30 or less and a fine meal in some places for $50 or less (or a lot more if you want something spectacular), the food choices at the Venetian Hotel are sublime.

Exercise and Relaxation

The two main forms of exercise and relaxation that you can get from the Venetian Hotel are a swimming pool and a golf course. Both of them allow you the chance to kick back and relax while at the same time making sure you get some physical activity in during your Venetian Hotel Las Vegas experience. There are other venues available as well if those two do not meet with your approval.


With excellent entertainment theatres and shows such as the Blue Man Group, David Spade, Wayne Brady and Jersey Boys available for you right inside the Venetian, it is quite easy for you to actually go right ahead and spend your entire Las Vegas vacation inside the hotel. Quite simply put, you do not have to leave.


With good choices for accommodations, a simply fantastic selection of food and drink and both exercise and entertainment options that can hold their own with the best in the city, the Venetian Hotel is one of the best around.