Vegas Hotels – Typical Amenities, Part 3

The final group of amenities worth considering regarding Las Vegas resorts is the amenities that are secondary to everything else. These are amenities that are not really the main reason that you would visit a resort in a way that a casino or a meeting hall would be, but they are also amenities that you expect to have close by in any Las Vegas resort worth its salt.

Famous Restaurants Las Vegas

This group of amenities would start with restaurants, which are located in every single resort in Las Vegas . Now, the restaurants category is ultimately going to be one of personal preference, because the quality of the restaurants in every resort is good enough to warrant staying at the resort. However, the particular cuisines and the settings within the restaurants of the different resorts are different, warranting that you make a choice as to which ones you would prefer to have.

A list of restaurants in each resort is available on the website of that resort, so you can know which restaurants are located where before you book a resort. It is also worthwhile to note that since most of the resorts on the strip are within walking distance of each other, you can easily walk to a restaurant in another resort should you want to do that.

Some of the best restaurants are:

1. Alize

2. André’s at the Monte Carlo

3. Joel Robuchon  

In addition to restaurant venues, nightlife venues are also important parts of most Las Vegas resorts nowadays. These include night clubs, bars and any other venue that you might associate with a typical nightlife event. Typical amenities of this kind are included in every resort in the city and since the casinos are also open around the clock, you can be sure that Las Vegas resorts have enough nightlife activities to keep you amused.

As is the case with restaurants however there are differences in different resorts, so if you want to avoid having to go to another resort to get the particular club or bar that you want, it might be a good idea to check out the website of the resorts in question and learn ahead of time which ones have the nightlife that you want. Finally, the last category of these types of amenities would be café amenities.

Cafes are restaurants that are not quite dining establishments and not quite drinking establishments either. They offer snacks and drinks like coffee and tea for people to enjoy and are often used as a place to refresh and reload before going off and doing the next activity.

Most if not all of the Las Vegas resorts have at least one café inside them and while it can be nice to have, most people never consider cafes before they make their decision because they tend to be quite similar in the quality and style of the food and drink they serve even if they have different names and different interior designs. Between dining venues, nightlife venues, café venues and the other venues discussed over the two previous pages, you have the full list of typical amenities you can expect to find in most Las Vegas resorts.