Wynn Hotel Review


 The Wynn Hotel is a major player in the Las Vegas market and it continues to gain market share with each passing year. The overall package is the main reason for this, as the Wynn Hotel has quite a bit to offer someone that would like to stay there.


The Wynn Hotel is located at 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard . This is a location that lies along a road known colloquially as the Las Vegas Strip. It is a location that puts the Wynn Hotel close to all of the best tourism activities in Vegas and for that reason it is one of the best locations to have.


 The Wynn Hotel is home to resort rooms and tower suites, both of which have the ability to dazzle you with the sheer beauty of it all. The interior decoration is elegant and tasteful and the available amenities will make you feel like you’re still at home with all of the different options that are available. The differences between the two are mainly the size and the views available and of course the prices between the two are different as well to reflect the different levels of accommodation that you actually get out of the booking you make.

Food and Drink

One of the interesting things about the Wynn Hotel is that it has gone to great lengths to assemble a list of star chefs for their various restaurants. Because of that, you will find that the list of culinary awards that goes to the Wynn Hotel is long and the list of excellent restaurants is vast. With cuisines from all over the world represented at the Wynn Hotel, food and drink is definitely one of the strong points that this resort brings to the table.

Exercise and Relaxation

There are many things you can do at the Wynn Hotel if you are interested in exercising. For example, there is a golf course included inside the Wynn Hotel resort grounds that you can play on if you enjoy the game and in addition to that there is also a shopping mall that you can walk around, getting some exercise at the same time that you pick out gifts for the special people in your life waiting for you back home. Once you’re done with exercise however, it is time to sit back and relax in the Wynn Spa where you can get pampered as much as you like. There is also a salon available, allowing you to change your hairstyle to something a bit more edgy for the purposes of your vacation before getting it changed back when you go home.


Entertainment at the Wynn Hotel starts with the Wynn Casino, one of the best gambling institutions in the city. Beyond that however, there is a bustling nightlife and many theatre productions available for you to partake of while you stay at the Wynn Hotel.


With a good location, an excellent choice in accommodations and cuisine that is out of this world, the Wynn Hotel is certainly strong enough to warrant serious consideration on your part.