Top Vegas Restaurants

Vegas RestaurantsThere are two major types of restaurants in the Las Vegas scene. The first type is the resort restaurant. These are restaurants that are part of other attractions. Any restaurant that is collocated within a casino, resort, hotel or any other type of attraction or accommodation is known as a resort restaurant. It has this name because its primary responsibility is to act in a support role to the main attraction, whatever that attraction may be.

This means that resort restaurants are supposed to compliment sleeping accommodations, gambling or anything else the Las Vegas tourism industry might come up with for a particular location in their city. Stand-alone restaurants on the other hand are general restaurants of the kind that people are used to seeing in every major city of the world. The restaurant itself is actually the main attraction and nothing else really matters while you eat.

Most people would conceptually think that stand-alone restaurants would be better from a food quality point of view and truth be told there is really nothing wrong with this method of thinking. On average, it is probably true that the stand-alone restaurants serve better food than their resort-located counterparts but in a city as rich and diverse in terms of its culinary offerings as Las Vegas , averages are seldom useful to actually making decisions. For this reason, when we compare resort and stand-alone Las Vegas restaurants what we really need to do is isolate where each particular restaurant type is at its best. Any individual restaurant from these two groups can be really good or really bad.

Stand-alone restaurants are best when you are looking for a way to get away from your vacation. This might sound a little ridiculous since people generally do not think of themselves as having problems with vacationing but in Las Vegas where gambling is still the main activity of choice, people sometimes do end up needing a break because they have gambled away too much for too long.

For this reason, being able to find a restaurant that is its own building and is located away from the hustle and bustle of the main Las Vegas Strip can be very beneficial to a person as they can munch on some good and cheap food while they get over their gambling session and resolve to have a better day tomorrow.

Resort restaurants on the other hand are great when you want to stay as close to the overall action as possible. Consider, for example, the fact that it is quite possible to win in a casino gambling session over the short term. Then consider that there are people that tend to have hot streaks and cold streaks. When you are on a hot streak and need to take a break to eat, would you like to go far away and wait for your luck to cool off? In most cases people would answer a resounding no to this question and that is why resort restaurants are a great way to solve that problem.