Ago Restaurant

There are some restaurants that have good food and then there are some restaurants that have food so fantastic that you almost don’t care what you end up paying for it. Everyone has their particular level of excellence when it comes to that particular measure but for most people the creations of Chef Agostino Sciandri at the Ago Restaurant in Las Vegas will definitely measure up to that particular way of looking at things. Chef Sciandri has been well known in Los Angeles for years as a fantastic Italian Chef but now that he has come to Las Vegas , people from all over the world are getting the chance to bask in his brilliance as they eat some of the best Italian food you can find outside the country of Italy. It starts with convenience at the Ago Restaurant.

The location of the restaurant is right on the Las Vegas Strip and that means that you can easily get to and from the restaurant almost regardless of what you are doing in Las Vegas on the particular night you go there. Additionally, you can pay with three different types of credit card in addition to cash and with a huge amount of dishes selected for the dinner time in which the Ago Restaurant specializes, you will find that there will always be something on the menu to excite and delight you. Whether you are interested in meat dishes, seafood dishes, vegetarian dishes or something in between, the Ago Restaurant will most definitely have something for you worth trying. From convenience, the Ago Restaurant reveals its second strength which is quality. The quality of the food has already been discussed as being amongst the best in the city of Las Vegas , but the quality of the service is there to match the quality of the food. With wait staff that knows exactly how to make your evening perfect, the Ago Restaurant is most definitely something fantastic in all shapes and forms.

The inside of the restaurant is a combination of classical Italian and modern American stripes and these two themes blend together to create an atmosphere that is cozy and wonderful at the exact same time. Once again, excellence in quality becomes a recurring theme throughout the night. With all of these great things about it, you might think that the Ago Restaurant would be at the top of the list when it comes to expensive restaurants in Las Vegas . Well, the truth of the matter is that it is an expensive restaurant, but it is not that expensive. A typical dinner at the Ago Restaurant will run you around $60 per person and while that is certainly a significant amount of money, in the grand scheme of Las Vegas restaurants it is decidedly a moderate amount. You pay moderate fares for top quality food at the Ago Restaurant and that of course is a winning combination for everyone involved. Once you try the food, you’ll be glad you shelled out the extra money for it.