Bouchon Restaurant

Las Vegas is a city of many flavors and that is something that applies just as much to their cuisine as to their entertainment. Case in point is Bouchon Restaurant, one of the most interesting restaurants in the entire city. Bouchon Restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in the service of French food and a lot of this food is quite authentic indeed. Everything from Escargot to Frog Leg is available at Bouchon Restaurant and since they specialize in providing both breakfast and dinner, you can go there twice in the same day to get a full idea of exactly what cuisine is like in France . The restaurant was created by Thomas Keller and destroyed the competition during the 2005 version of the Best of Las Vegas Awards.

The best thing to like about the Bouchon Restaurant is the food that they serve. A restaurant at the end of the day is only as good as its food and for that reason you have to respect any restaurant that puts the majority of its time and effort into making sure that the food it serves is good to eat. At the same time however, the excellent food does come at a minor cost to the service, but this is not something that most people will notice. The service at Bouchon Restaurant is good rather than great and the only real places in which this would be seen are things like the bill delivery at the end of the meal and the initial attitude with which a server takes your order. As previously mentioned, the average diner will not notice those differences. The same is true for the atmosphere as the decorations have also suffered slightly at the hands of the increased attention on food creation. Just as with the service however, it would take a particularly attentive person to notice any difference.

In terms of practical matters, you will want to make sure you have at least $50 per person available for dinner at the Bouchon Restaurant and around $20 per person available for breakfast. Ideally however, the respective amounts for both of those meals that you should want to have are $80 per person and $30 per person just so you don’t have to feel constrained into eating specific dishes just because those dishes happen to fall into your budget. Make sure that you dress in something tasteful when you eat at the restaurant, although casual wear is accepted most of the time as long as it is also tasteful.

Reservations are not necessary but since this restaurant is located on the Las Vegas Strip and therefore tends to fill up pretty quickly, they might be a good idea anyway seeing as how they are optional. A phone call of a few minutes in length can guarantee you a seat at the table. In conclusion, Bouchon Restaurant is definitely a restaurant worth trying for any visitor to Las Vegas . For someone that is truly in love with French cuisine, it is an absolute must visit.