Michael Mina Restaurant

Michael Mina Restaurant

Seafood restaurants are available all over the place in Las Vegas and it is precisely for that reason that we need to be cautious when we decide we are going to eat out at a seafood restaurant in that city. With so many selections to choose from it can be quite easy to choose a bad restaurant as opposed to a good one if you are not aware of the different players in the game. One of the best players in the game is a place known as Michael Mina Seafood Restaurant, named as such after the head chef at the restaurant Michael Mina.

Mina is a person that has created some of the most delicious seafood recipes you could imagine and in particular is an absolute wizard when it comes to making fish taste divine. If you are a fish lover in the specific category of seafood, Michael Mina Restaurant is most definitely the place to go. This is not to say that the seafood experience of greatness at this restaurant is just limited to fish however. There are several signature dishes at Michael Mina that have no fish anywhere in them. A good example of such a dish would be the Mussel Soufflé, a dish that is as audacious as it is delicious and of course a seafood dish without any fish in it. Another example is the Lobster Pot Pie which is again an outrageous attempt at bringing together two cuisine forms that are polar opposites, but a successful outrageous attempt nonetheless.

Fish is not all that Michael Mina is good at preparing, but it is certainly the best in an overall sense. Food is not the only thing to love about Michael Mina Restaurant however, as the inside of the restaurant looks absolutely fantastic from all points and angles. The décor is clearly well thought out and the attention to detail that the creators of the interior design have put forward is definitely something that most of the guests dining at the restaurant seem to appreciate. In addition to that, there are many servers available at your beck and call should you need them. Each of the servers at the restaurant are dressed well and have a professional attitude, making the overall service aspect of the Michael Mina Restaurant one of the best in Las Vegas . Few restaurants have the ability to dazzle in both food quality and service, but this is one of them.

The Michael Mina Restaurant is located on the Las Vegas Strip, placing it close to most of the gambling activities you might enjoy when you are in Las Vegas . Their specialty is dinner, allowing you to take a break from the slot machines to go to the restaurant and enjoy a very good meal. The average price per person at the restaurant is around $65, although you should be able to get by with $50 per person if you take care to order the cheaper items on the menu. It’s all good, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality when you sacrifice cost.