Mix Restaurant

There is no one word adequate enough to truly describe what you get when you walk into the Mix Restaurant. The word restaurant does not do justice to the fantastic interior design of the restaurant while the word experience does not really go far enough to express just how well everything seems to fit together in this excellent place. The Mix Restaurant was the brainchild of Alain Ducasse when he decided to open a restaurant in Las Vegas in 2004 and ever since that time the Mix Restaurant has become a fantastic addition to the American cuisine scene at the Las Vegas Strip.

The Mix’s location on the Strip allows people to visit the restaurant through walking from their nearby casino or resort and for that reason you can always be sure that there will be a crowd in for dinner at the Mix Restaurant. For this reason, it is a good idea to call ahead and make reservations if you are interested in visiting the restaurant. Reservations are not absolutely necessary but they are certainly a good idea if you want to make absolutely sure that there is a table waiting for you when you get to the Mix Restaurant. In fact, the Mix is such a popular location at the current moment in time that you would be rolling the dice on getting a table if you did not make a reservation before coming to the restaurant. Wait times off the street can get quite high because of the high popularity of the restaurant, so most people feel that a few minutes on the phone making a reservation are definitely worth it. As previously mentioned, the Mix Restaurant is a restaurant that serves American cuisine.

This means that all of the typical meat and potato dishes that you would expect to find from American restaurants will be served at the Mix Restaurant as well as the Las Vegas signature dish of steak. The Mix Restaurant cooks a fierce steak dish, allowing you the opportunity to create it however you want. The cooking instructions and trimmings are completely up to you and you can rest assured in the knowledge that no matter what you order, the streak that you will end up getting back will be of the highest quality imaginable.

Add to this an excellent server no matter who you get at your table and an internal ambience that is easily in the conversation of being the best in the city and it is quite easy to see why the Mix Restaurant has become so popular so fast. If you want classical elegance, great food and a view that is simply unparalleled, the Mix Restaurant is absolutely where you want to be. As far as the price is concerned, you might be able to get away with spending $40 per person when you visit the Mix Restaurant, but if you want the full freedom of ordering anything you want on the menu, you should make sure you have at least $80 per person in your pocket or on your credit card when you walk into the Mix Restaurant.