RM Seafood Restaurant

The RM Seafood Restaurant is not the oldest restaurant in Las Vegas by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the opening date it has of Valentine’s Day in the year 2005 makes it one of the younger restaurants in the entire city. However, ever since it came into being, the RM Seafood Restaurant has pushed forth the boundaries of excellence in the Sin City culinary arts. Rick Moonen is the man responsible for the creation of the restaurant and he certainly deserves a lot of the credit for taking it from practically nothing to the powerhouse of Las Vegas tourism and hospitality that it currently is.

The watchword for RM Seafood Restaurant is excellence. No matter what area of the restaurant you are looking at, the goal is always excellence. Some restaurants prefer to do the minimum necessary to help their customers out and warrant the payments they receive, but the RM Seafood Restaurant goes beyond adequate and dives into anything they can do reasonably beyond the call of duty to make their diner’s experience just that much better. This is seen in the food, which is cooked with the utmost of care and is only created from the finest of ingredients to make sure that the investment you make into the food is returned multiple times over in the taste.

The excellence can also be seen in the décor of the restaurant which is a combination of country club and modern seafaring restaurants done in a tasteful way. Lastly, the excellence can also be seen in the professionalism of the people working as part of the wait staff in the restaurant. From the person that makes your food all the way down to the person that cleans your table when you are done with the meal, excellence is bred into everyone that works at the RM Seafood Restaurant. You have to see it to believe it, because the level of professionalism of the employees at that place is something rare and beautiful to behold.

As far as the practical concerns go, the RM Seafood Restaurant appears to have the best collection of different things. For example, it has a great location on the Las Vegas Strip that places it right at the entrance to the Mandalay Bay Resort. It is primarily a seafood restaurant but for people that prefer other foods to go along with their seafood, there are also many delectable dishes available to try. While reservations are not necessary, most people prefer to make them in order to ensure they get a table and the dress code is not strictly enforced but it is nevertheless strongly encouraged for you to wear something smart casual to the restaurant. Finally, the cost of a meal will be around $50 to $75 per person at the RM Seafood Restaurant and while that might seem expensive to you, it is right in the middle of the pack as far as Las Vegas restaurants are concerned.