Vegas ToursThere are many different tours available in LasVegas , but there are some tours that are perhaps not suitable for everyone that might want to go on them. When you go to Las Vegas , there are so many different options available that it might be easy to miss the rafting expedition when you take your first look at what there is to do.

Nevertheless, not checking out the experience just to see if it is something you might be interested in doing is a grave mistake, because while it might seem a bit esoteric for the tastes of many, it is nevertheless an excellent addition to the arsenal of tours that Las Vegas has to offer.

It all starts with them picking you up from your hotel and starting you on a tour that will have you enjoying the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River and the Rainbow Canyon . Normally, all three of these would have their own tours, but with this interesting Las Vegas tour you can get a chance to see all three of them. The overall cost of this tour is around $200.00 plus a $5.00 surcharge for the gasoline that will be used during the tour, which essentially equates to the price of any single tour that would cover all three of those experiences.

There is even a nice lunch meal included for anyone that wants to eat it, making this tour experience really one that does deliver three for the price of one. People that have been in the tour will swear that it is definitely one of the best there is in Las Vegas , so you shouldn’t let any fear of water tours or rafting specifically stop you from going on the tour. For anyone that might be nervous because whenever they see rafting on television it is being done in some very harsh conditions, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in this particular case.

The type of rafting that is shown on television is commonly known as white water rafting and it is a particular extreme sport that many people love to do. The bodies of water that the rafts you will be in are going down are Lake Mead and a section of the Colorado River that has absolutely no white water on it whatsoever. When you think about this in the grand scheme of things, the three in one extreme tour is a tour that actually gives you a chance to see three of America’s greatest natural views from the point of view of an extreme water sports person without having to undergo the same travails that they undergo in order to get where they are going.

That fact alone is one that really seems to be the best selling point for this particular tour. Normally, the amazing views from the river are reserved for those that are willing to brave the extreme aquatic transportation methods that exist to get there, but this particular tour is unique because of the unique calming properties of the ColoradoRiver. Take advantage of that to see sights you will never forget.