Las Vegas Tour : Las Vegas City Lights Helicopter Night Flight

One of the most interesting aspects of Las Vegas is the nightlife the city has to offer. This is not surprising to most people, but what might be surprising is the fact that you can get a whole new experience from the exact same Las Vegas tour if you try it once during the day and once during the night. The day tours by helicopter are excellent tours in their own right because of the simple fact that the tours allow you to see the entire city of Las Vegas as it looks to the residents of the area and in doing so gain some insight as to what the daily life of a Las Vegas resident might be like. The night tours by helicopter on the other hand are impressive in their own right as well because of the fact that you can see the sparkling city and all of its glorified lights during the night and in doing so pick out some of the landmark areas of the city without even knowing exactly what they are.

People that have done both tours love them both, but the night flight is definitely emblazoned into their memories for the rest of their lives. Like most of the other tours that Las Vegas has to offer, the helicopter night flight starts with you being picked up from your hotel room and driven to the helipad. Once you get there, you and five other people will board a helicopter built for luxury tours while at the same time getting a quick champagne toast to kick start the evening on a good track. Once that has happened, the helicopter will then take off and start circling around the city of Las Vegas , allowing you the opportunity to see the entire city at night in all its glory. You can take pictures and video from the helicopter that can be referred back to for the rest of your life and of course you can enjoy all of the excellent information that the tour guide offers.

The Freemont Street Experience is one of the biggest light shows around and viewing it from the air is quite breathtaking. The same is true for other Las Vegas landmarks such as the Stratosphere Tower and the Luxor Beam. The helicopter will actually circle around the Stratosphere Tower at close range, giving you a chance to see it from an angle that few do. Overall, the tour usually sells for $108.99 with everything included in the package with the exception of a $4.00 per person fuel surcharge that is being applied to the tour nowadays.

This places it somewhere in the middle as far as tour prices are concerned and that means that you have to weigh the benefit you can get out of this tour against that middle of the road cost. There are certainly many memorable events to be had on this journey, but people that are visiting Vegas on a budget might prefer one of the cheaper tour options.