Las Vegas Tour: Double Decker Bus

If there is one particular element that could be associated with the city of London, most people would probably agree that it is the double decker bus. The rest of the world that utilizes this interesting piece of transportation got it from London and indeed within the city of London is where you see the most of them at any one particular given time. To that end, the double decker bus tour in Las Vegas might seem out of place at first, but when you get a chance to actually get on the bus and go on a ride around the city, you will see that it is quite the special tour indeed.

One of the main things to love about this tour is that it is not only a tour, but it also happens to be a production while you are enjoying the tour. The bus will drive along the famous Las Vegas Strip while impersonators of some of Las Vegas ‘ most interesting performing artists will entertain you with songs, interesting anecdotes and everything else you could possibly expect to hear about when you are actually on the tour. The highlight of the evening vis-à-vis the ongoing production that takes place on the double decker bus would have to be a visit from the King himself as Elvis Presley ends up showing you the sights and singing some of the most famous songs in recorded human history. Elvis is a possibility, but so are other famous Las Vegas personalities like Dolly Parton and Elton John, all of whom are impersonated to an absolute tee by the impersonator you get on your particular tour, with one impersonator earmarked for each double decker bus tour that goes out and about on the town.

This is not to take anything away from the actual tour however, as you will definitely have a fantastic time seeing all of the sights and sounds that made Las Vegas the famous place that it is today. These sights include the Eiffel Tower that is located at the Paris Resort as well as the volcano at Mirage that may or may not be erupting at the time you drive right past it. In addition to landmarks sights within resorts, you will be able to take pictures of the Venetian, Palazzo and many of the other most spectacular Vegas institutions that exist inside the city today. The double decker tour bus will stop for ten minutes at the Stratosphere Resort where you’ll get the chance to use the facilities and take a look around before getting back on for the rest of the tour which includes a stop for either Lunch or Dinner at the Pampas Brazilian Grille, one of the best restaurants in the city of Las Vegas.

Overall, this trip will cost you around $50.00 per person and you get a free entry to the Mac King Comedy Show in addition just as a thank you for purchasing the tour. Considering what you get and the ridiculously cheap price, this tour could very well be the most jam packed tour available on a per dollar basis for the amount of money you end up paying.