Las Vegas Tour : Grand Canyon Skywalk

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is arguably the most famous tourist attraction in that entire region of the United States . Quite simply put, it is the area that has been synthetically created around the Grand Canyon to allow people the chance to really get a bird’s eye view of the entire natural wonder. The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s natural wonders and the skywalk has been put in place recently as a way of making sure that tourists truly get the opportunity to bask in the excellence of this particular tourist attraction. There are many tours being offered that include the Grand Canyon Skywalk in some way, but the one being discussed here is the famous 3-in-1 airplane skywalk tour that allows you to really get a sense of the three biggest attractions from the point of view of Las Vegas tour companies.

The trip starts right at your hotel room in Las Vegas as like all of the reputable tour companies the people offering this tour allow you the chance to be picked up directly from your hotel room and then returned to your hotel room once the room is over. You’ll be flying on an airplane that is quite comfortable on the inside and what’s more allows everyone the chance to get a window seat. That is quite spectacular for an airplane, but once you get inside you’ll see the brilliance of the overall design. Once inside the airplane the trip starts with a flight over the Hoover Dam and the artificially created Lake Mead , both of which are by themselves good enough to be the main event on many of the other tours offered from Las Vegas . They are just the warm-up to the main event in this particular tour however as the destination is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Be sure to take the time to appreciate the dam and the lake however as the in-flight tour guide will give you a hefty amount of background on both of them.

Once you get to the Grand Canyon , you will be treated to one of the most interesting landing processes currently in existence as the plane undergoes a complex set of calculations to land safely. Then, you will get a chance to walk all the way from Eagle Point to Guano Point on the Canyon surface while getting treated to an excellent cookout in fine cowboy style once you get to the Grand Canyon , ending the dinner and a tour experience. The overall price of this experience runs from about $219.99 at its cheapest all the way up to $308.99 during the normal pricing experience although in both cases there is an additional surcharge of $20.00 for fuel. The more expensive price would still be regarded as worth it by most people that share the experience however and since it departs four times a day from the morning to the mid-afternoon, you have a chance to choose your favourite time of day to experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk.