Las Vegas Tour : Lake Mead Dinner Cruise

Lake Mead is partially a sight of historical interest and partially a sight of wonder at what human beings can do when they put their minds to work. Lake Mead is the largest human created body of water in the world. The reason it was created was because of the installation of the Hoover Dam, easily one of the most wondrous creations in all of human history. It is certainly one of the modern wonders of the world and for that reason it is perhaps not surprising that Las Vegas has many different tours that take in the Hoover Dam either as the main event within the tour or alternatively as part of the overall tour experience.

The Lake Mead Dinner Cruise falls into the latter category of Las Vegas Tours. The Hoover Dam is decidedly part of the tour, but it is not the main part. The Hoover Dam part of the tour comes at the end when all of the action is largely over and it is just a sail by tour on boat that is there in order to give the people on the boat something new to see on the tail end of the tour. Instead of covering the Hoover Dam in great detail, the Lake Mead Dinner Cruise, as the name implies, is devoted to Lake Mead .

Lake Mead is a marvel of engineering and quite underrated as a tourism destination and that is why this tour is a very good idea for someone that would like to get the full spread of things as they happen. The tour starts from the moment you are picked up from your hotel and driven to the area where the tour will be happening. The tour will be taking place on the Desert Princess, a combination ferry and paddle wheeler that is created in a style that harkens back to the oldest of American boats that used to travel up and down the Mississippi River . The difference however is that the Desert Princess is fully air conditioned, allowing you to either stay inside and take in all of the lake’s sights with the benefit of modern climate control or venture outside onto the promenade and see the natural elements of the entire area in all their combined glory. You can even watch the sun set, as all of the tours of this kind take place during hours when such an event might happen no matter what time of year it happens to be.

The tour is not the only part of the event however, as you also have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner of three courses (salad, entrée and dessert) while the tour is going on. What is so amazing about this tour is not so much what the tour covers, but rather the fact that you can get it all for potentially as low as $87.99. This is an absolutely remarkable price for something of this kind as there are three course dinners at restaurants within walking distance of where the tour starts that charge a higher amount of money for just the food part of the deal.