Overnight Canyon Tour

The Overnight Canyon Tour is not really a tour that has an exciting new location to offer. In fact, since the tour covers the GrandCanyon, it is quite easy to say that it is a new tour in a long line of Las Vegas Tours that deal with the exact same part of the country. What makes the Overnight Canyon Tour new and exciting however is the method in which the tour is done. The tour is done in a way that allows you to get a more up close, personal and perhaps most importantly prolonged look at just what the Grand Canyon has to offer.

The Grand Canyon is not the only Canyon that is nearby and this tour takes full advantage of that fact, allowing you to visit three different canyons on three different days. The first day of the tour features Bryce Canyon , the second day of the tour features the Grand Canyon and the third day of the tour features the Zion Canyon . Already, it is easy to see how seeing multiple canyons in a short amount of time can increase the amount of appreciation you have for the Grand Canyon . Both Bryce and Zion Canyons have quite a bit to offer the general public in terms of unique beauty and tropical locations that you can take a look at, but at the same time they also pale in comparison to the Grand Canyon as far as pure statistical concerns go.

This multiday tour allows you therefore not only to see some of the lesser known yet completely beautiful natural areas of the country, but also to do this while enhancing the respect you have for the overall Grand Canyon.The two major transportation methods that you will be using during this tour are a) your own feet when you do the hiking and b) a 4 x 4 touring van that has been used for this type of expedition before. It is state of the art technology that also comes with reliability built in that you need to feel safe about that aspect of the transportation. In addition to the transportation, the tour also comes with food, but not preparation.

This is a genuine hiking trip and for that reason, you will be doing the cooking with food provided by the tour guides. You will also be getting occupancy in a dorm or a tepee as is your liking, showing that there is definitely a genuine camping flair within the overall Overnight Canyon Tour. Full price for this particular tour is $398.99, allowing you the opportunity to get a lot of fun out of your Canyon experience for a reasonable per day cost.

When you consider the fact that this cost is comparable to the cost of most of the one-day tour options that are available, it should become plainly obvious which the better deal is. With this tour, you get to be outside, get some exercise and broaden your horizons to canyons beyond the most famous one.