The Haunted Bus Tour

Chances are pretty good that you had no idea that the city of Las Vegas was haunted. After all, it is a city that never sleeps with multiple buildings that operate around the clock and many people that go in and out of those buildings at the most outrageous times in the morning. Given that fact, when would the haunting actually take place? Well, it seems as though our supernatural friends have found a way around that little problem and there are enough haunted parts of the city that a spooky tour can be created out of them much to the delight of people that enjoy that sort of thing. The tour takes a form that is partially a hunt for the ghosts and partially a tour of the entire area of Las Vegas . Even though the city may not actually be haunted by ghosts in the traditional sense, it is certainly haunted by ghosts in the philosophical sense.

The ghosts of the earlier generation of Las Vegas entrepreneurs are still around reminding the resorts of where they came from and for that reason if you look really close you can see evidence of the influences of these people still evident in different areas of the city even though they personally passed away a long time ago. From the moment you meet to get on the bus and start the tour, you will see evidence of at least the latter kinds of ghosts at work in the city. A good example of this would be the first time your bus passes by The Flamingo.

The Flamingo is of course one of the most important historical resorts in the city of Las Vegas since it is part of the old guard of casinos that became resorts and essentially started a cultural revolution inside the city that made it the gambling and sex capital of the world. The haunted bus tour will take you right past The Flamingo, but only you can find the evidence of the ghosts that lie within. A good ghost to look for might be Bugsy Siegel, one of the most notorious Las Vegas figures to ever walk along the cement inside Sin City . Evidence of his influence from beyond the grave might still be around, just as the same evidence can be found across all of the major old guard resorts still located in the city.

In addition to those types of ghosts, there are some people believe that people that died famous deaths in Las Vegas still roam the streets. People like Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley and Redd Foxx are seen all the time by people that report ghost sightings and on this tour you’ll get a chance to go on a little ghost hunt of your own as you dismount the bus and walk through the Green Valley Park . This entire experience can be yours for just $55.99, allowing you to indulge in a little harmless superstition at the same time as you get a fantastic close up look at the city that gambling built.