Valley of Fire and Lost City Museum Photo Tour

The city of Las Vegas is known for tours that tend to take you to nearby places that can be adored and admired. A good example of such a tour is the tour of the Grand Canyon that many different touring companies within Las Vegas have put on the table and another good example of such a tour would be the combined tours of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead that happen to represent a rather large percentage of the income that many of the touring companies make. While all of these tours are interesting and absolutely essential to the overall touring industry in the city, the fact of the matter is that you do not have to go that far in order to get some excellent tours. There are many great tours that stay within the city of Las Vegas and it is these tours that many people turn to in order to get a cheap tour that is still quite interesting. A good example of such a tour is the tour being reviewed here.

It is a tour that allows you to be picked up from your hotel in an SUV that is air conditioned and ultra-comfortable as you listen to the guide speak about many of the different interesting aspects of geology that accompany the most analyzed fault line in the entire world. The Valley of Fire , the first major stop on the tour, is located just outside the city limits of Las Vegas and for that reason is a lot easier and cheaper to reach than either the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam. The Valley of Fire is a sacred area for many Native American Tribes and for that reason you can see some of the most interesting petroglyph work around just by taking a look. Photography is completed allowed, ensuring that you can capture the entire experience to view for the rest of your life just through the act of making sure you bring a camera along with you. Once you’re done with the Valley of Fire , it is time to head onto the second major stop on the tour which is the Lost City Museum .

The Lost City Museum is dedicated to covering the histories of some of the ancient Indian tribes to inhabit the area such as the 10,000 year old Indian culture that starts the entire museum tour. The Pueblo Indians also feature heavily in the exhibits available in the museum, allowing you the chance to see some exceptional Indian artwork that you may recognize as well if you were paying close attention during the earlier tour of the Valley of Fire . All in all, it is an excellent and educational tour that allows you to remain close to the city.

The overall trip can go for as low as $118.99 with the only other charge being a $5.00 per head surcharge for gasoline. Considering you get a full day’s worth of entertainment out of this tour as well as a chance to learn things that most people do not know, it is certainly a good deal.