Vegas Weddings

Vegas WeddingsTraditional: 

Believe it or not, but there are traditional weddings available in Las Vegas . Many people would not consider this to be a possibility because of the fact that Las Vegas is often thought of as being a city of flavor and uniqueness, but for someone that would like to get married the good old fashioned way, there are many ways in which the Las Vegas weddings can accommodate you. There can be hotel rooms booked for the people attending the wedding and there can be rooms held over for the wedding as well. Las Vegas weddings are a big event and if you want to have a large and lavish Las Vegas wedding it can most definitely be arranged.


The elope wedding is perhaps the most common type of Las Vegas wedding that occurs and because of this it has been given its own category as well as a number of subcategories that will be discussed below. An elope wedding takes place when a couple decides that they just want to get married in a ceremony that is as short and sweet as possible and because of that the elopement usually takes place without the knowledge of most of the different people that are attached to the couple in one way or another. The couple leaves for a few days and then comes back married and the wedding ceremony itself is a very short one that doesn’t take more than a few minutes. These types of weddings are available all over the place in many different forms.

Simple Elopement: 

As far as singular forms of weddings are concerned, the simple elopement is arguably the most common wedding type to take place in Las Vegas. In this rather simple ceremony, the couple says their vows and gets married in a small chapel with a few witnesses, but nothing else big happens. It is a ceremony that is only necessary to allow the couple to be legally bound together in matrimony and as long as that happens, everything else is just window dressing.

Themed Elopement: 

Las Vegas is a city of uniqueness and it is a city that people travel to in order to have a good time. For that reason, it is perhaps not at all surprising that Las Vegas weddings can be themed elopements in which the couple chooses a particular theme and that theme is then used for their wedding package. This was made popular in the hit television show of the 90s called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in which two of the characters experience a themed elopement based around a Shaft theme. Such popular television themes are available with everything from Star Trek and Star Wars all the way to Cheech and Chong represented as possible options.

Overall, there are many wedding types represented in Las Vegas. It can even be argued that Las Vegas has the biggest selection of individual wedding packages available. Whether or not that is true is immaterial however, as the choices are immense enough that you will always be able to find something that really appeals to you.