Las Vegas Tour : A Helicopter Wedding

There are several instances of tours over the Grand Canyon . Indeed, Las Vegas is famous for the wide variety of tours that they offer in this area. In addition to being famous for tours, Las Vegas also happens to be famous for weddings. Therefore, it is perhaps no surprise that someone eventually came up with a way to combine the two and create the tour and the wedding combination in a way that people could really enjoy. This was eventually copied by others as well and while the Helicopter Wedding was not the first Las Vegas tour wedding to be created, it is certainly one of the most interesting ones around.

The tour starts in the same way as a normal Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour would, with the couple that is getting married needing to find a way to get to the helipad and start the tour. However, if you purchase the full Helicopter Wedding package, you will be driven to the helipad with up to two different guests accompanying you. Once you get to the helipad, you will be joined by the minister that will be doing the final wedding ceremony as well as a photographer that will be recording the moment for you to keep for the rest of your life. The helicopter can only seat seven so with those six plus the pilot, you can not bring anyone else on board. Most of the people that do the helicopter wedding have one of the guests videotape it and then they show it later at a reception that contains more than just the two people that accompanied them to the wedding.

The overall wedding party will see the bride given a bouquet of twelve long stem roses and the groom given a boutonniere. These are both included as part of the package that you pay for, so do not worry about being charged extra money on the spot when you start the wedding. After the tour of the Grand Canyon has been completed, the helicopter will land on the floor of the Grand Canyon . The ceremony will be performed on the canyon’s floor at which point there will also be champagne and a wedding cake available for the guests to partake of. The marriage license will be mailed to you, but the package also comes with a certificate holder that you can take home on the spot and use for when you get your license in the mail.

Finally, there will be 100 different portraits taken of the bride and groom and two guests, with a CD containing the portraits also being part of the package that you pay for. How much does this entire package cost? The price starts at $3,699.00. This is expensive considering what you get, but at the same time it is also probably a lot cheaper than any of the wedding ideas you have elsewhere. It will be an unforgettable trip that you can capture through images and for that reason plus the novelty of getting a trip of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter, it is worth serious consideration.